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Friday, July 29, 2011

funny excuses

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  • shvinod
    05-27 04:06 PM
    Thanks for the suggestions. I called in the National Service Center and put in a request to expedite the case. Got an email that I can try to visit the local ASC and see if they can collect the biometric. We visited the local ASC today and the were kind enough to collect the Biometric. I hope we get the AP before the departure date..

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  • mantagon
    07-13 04:38 PM
    This is what I told my bank and they accepted it without any questions.



    Filed for GC (permanent residence), and waiting for it. (explanation)

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  • h1b6years
    04-28 01:26 AM
    Greeting everybody: I have been working for the same Company since 2002 first J1 then 6 years of H1-B expiring on July of this year (2009). Currently my employer is going thru the process for a Green Card with our Legal Firm and they proposed me an E Visa while the Green Card approval process is work in progress (I passed the DOL approval and I'm in the middle of the recruiting phase). I'd like to get a third party opinion if I can be granted a Green Card switching from H1-B to E Visa.
    Anyone familiar with this matter?

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  • karlita
    01-01 07:58 PM

    I am a US Citizen who applied through I-130 form for my married daughter since 2001. She and her husband came here with a tourist visa in 2003 and they overstayed it for a period of 6 years. In the meatime, they had 2 americam kids. They are still in the USA.

    I am starting to receiving document from NVC to pay $70 for Affidavit of Support for their cases. I would like to know if an Adjustment of Status can be made for them here in the USA as the immigration does not know where they are right now. I presumed also that they can't return back to their country of origin cause they've been here for so long that they could get caught and get penalized. They have never been employed but received support from the family members and their kids received welfare aids.

    What can be done if I want to Adjust their status here? Thank you already for your answers.


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  • soni7007
    04-09 02:20 PM
    You will have to file with the new fee.

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  • Frankly, a lot of excuses from

  • gcisadawg
    12-23 09:00 PM
    169000 out of estimated 12 million is actually more than 100 times what you show it as 0.01%. It is close to 1.4%.

    He got his quotient right but forgot to multiply it by 100 to convert that into a percentage!


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  • setpit_gc
    04-29 12:26 PM

    I am planning to visit India next month. I will transit thru Dubai in Emirates Airlines from West Coast. My 485 is pending and have valid AP and EAD. I have expired H1B visa stamp in my passport.

    Did anyone use AP in this route?. Will I have any issues with Emirates Airlines and during transit in Dubai using Advane Parole?.

    Please someone help me.


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  • hibworker
    02-04 01:19 PM
    Yes you can go to school part time on H1 for MBA. Some states allow you to claim in state tuition on H1 for state schools - that will significantly reduce the tuition bill. In addition Federal govt allows either a deduction of $4k / yr or a credit of up to $2 k / yr (search for tuition tax deduction and Lifetime Learning credits).


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  • sathish_gopalan
    09-05 05:00 PM
    Can you please let me know if we can expedite through national customer service center ?. I am unable to find infopass appointments until late next week by which time my card would expire.

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  • maximus777
    10-15 10:49 AM
    I dont think this is going to affect non immigrant community (read as H1s, GC etc). This is all about politics to gain the support of rich and influential Indian American community for the DNC and upcoming elections.

    This is what politicians do, be it the US or India or any place on earth. BHO is one of them, isnt he? :cool:


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  • tags: books, excuses, funny,

  • eb3retro
    05-30 10:21 PM
    It is difficult to predict the timeline.
    The house members are not happy with the Senate bill.
    I have read that the conference committee may meet next monday ( all hearsay).

    We can only pray and hope for the best.

    how long is the conference comittee process? and after that should the bill go thru house also? or will it go to president's desk??

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  • pappu
    03-03 10:19 AM
    We have created a new area on the forum to help IV members.
    Jobs and networking - Immigration Voice (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum114-jobs-and-networking/)

    It may not be visible on the homepage thread. This would be a separate area where members can share information.


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  • annieo
    10-17 08:37 PM
    Hi Guys
    I went to local USCIS office today and asked about my case status. My I-485 was filled on 08Feb07 in EB2 category. A lot of people who have fillled I-485 after me, have already received green cards.
    The Immigration lady was very nice and she told me that my case can not be approved as my name check is still pending with FBI. The name check was initiated on 24Feb07. She created a service ticket for me providing a target date of middle of next month. The ticket said that "Please approve asap after getting clearance from FBI". I do not know what does that mean? Still trying to figure out???

    Then I asked about name check status of my dependants. She mentioned that their name check has been resolved which is different from cleared. She created a different SR for my dependants requesting Approval of Green cards as name check has been resolved again giving me mid of next month as target date. Does it mean that my depandants can get approval before my approval?
    Gurus Any idea what should I expect. Do I need to continue to follow up with FBI and senators regarding my name check and collecting information for case file?


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  • B+ve
    08-13 04:08 PM
    My and spouse case have
    Priority Date - March 2004,
    Received Date - July 2nd, 2007
    Notice Date - Aug. 08, 2007

    My Kid's case has
    Priority Date - March 2004,
    Received Date - July 2nd, 2007
    Notice Date - Nov. 20, 2007 (As 08/23/2007 is the current processing time frame, my kid's Notice Date is out of current time frame)

    This is happened due to a rejection of my kid's 485 application initially during July 2007 fiasco due to the Old and New fee schedule implementaion of USCIS, even though we have remitted the correct fee.

    1) Do anybody know how USCIS will process our case?
    Like adjudicating my and spouse applications with out kid's applicaiton? Or none of the applications process?

    2) Taking an info pass appointment will do any favour on this case?

    3) Any other suggestions?



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  • ca_immigrant
    02-05 01:41 PM
    Apologies if I should have looked this up somewhere within IV .
    Guess it is a simple question.

    What does a soft LUD mean ? I have often read that term on the forum.

    I at times see that something was updated on my case..."last updated date" but then there is no status update.....for example this happened on my I131 application on Feb 4, 2009

    On the I485 I think it is just that they transferred it from one office to another as the status says.

    Last updated | Form number
    2/4/2009 | I131
    2/5/2009 | I485

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  • sumansk
    11-08 10:03 AM
    IV Core...
    Any update on this bill introduced yesterday in the Senate..
    Is there anything for us in this buried somewhere...??


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  • STAmisha
    01-22 05:41 PM
    No responses so far!! Please repsond if you know

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  • anilsal
    01-29 12:48 PM
    the second charge of "false statement" to the officer is? That will look negatively on the character of the applicant.

    In general traffic citations are minor misdemeanours. Not sure about fishing. But the second charge IMO is a bit serious.

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  • guy03062
    07-24 07:42 PM
    This is good question and I am too interested to know answer from gurus. Thanks.

    12-10 08:57 PM
    No. He got the new I797 recently and does'nt have VISA.

    09-26 04:05 PM
    I am going to appear for H1-B interview next month.
    I was supposed to get my degree in 2000(Electronic Engineering) however due to backlogs and since I started job before degree completion I completed my degree in 2005.
    Is that a real big problem?
    Although I have double bachelors one in Electrical Engineering and other is science but my work evaluation is based on my bachelor of engineering degree.
    Please help.


    I believe as long as you have a degree certificate and 3+ years of work experience you should be fine.

    - not legal advice