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Saturday, July 30, 2011

george soros biography

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  • WaitingYaar
    06-14 11:59 AM
    There are lot of discussions about this issue, and there seem to be mixed opinions so far. it may not be a bad idea to check with your lawyer, and post your findings to the group. AFAIK, it is possible to file multiple I-485 but interim benefits should be tied to only one.

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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    06-20 02:02 AM

    i-140-applied on 1st june 2007
    i-140 reciept???waiting

    IS anyone who has substituted labor(pd2002) and applied for i-140 and recieved the reciepts or approvals for i-140???Please update ur status here..


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  • Two years ago, George Soros

  • Blog Feeds
    06-05 04:00 PM
    I'm at the annual meeting of the American Immigration Lawyers Association here in Las Vegas. More than 10, 000 lawyers gathered here in Las Vegas to learn about the most recent updates from the Government directly.

    We just finished a session with the Department of Labor. Some of the key news is that more company audits are on the way. In fact, currently there are 200 cases pending in the audit line. They promised more audits as the icert system will become a standard in filing PERM, LCA and Prevailing wage requests.

    Also H2B cases now must prevailing wage requests directly with the Chicago DOL center. There is a slight delay in processing. They are currenlty working on PWD's filed on May 8th or before. Wea ll need to be patient.

    I will keep posting more updates as the day progresses. Next I am off to the USCIS open forum. More exciting news to report soon.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2009/06/blogging_from_the_aila_annual.html)

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  • Saralayar
    01-23 07:48 PM
    Dates are valid as of November 30, 2008. Texas is processing July 11, 2007 applications. Looks good. It means CIS finally has time to work on the deluge of applications they received in July 2007, even though the dates are not current yet. The approvals may still be far off, but at least we know that our apps are being worked upon.
    They will keep the dates between July 11 to July 30 for a few months. During this period, they have not recieved much applications as most of the companies just kept the papers as USCIS announced that they will not accept the forms and reject. Most of the July fiasco applications must have been filed from August 3. If they are really working, then the dates should move to August 2007 in next month processing time.


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  • kirupa
    06-19 01:09 AM
    Ah - good old FindResource. Glad you figured it out :)

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  • excogitator
    10-18 11:37 AM
    I don't see any limitation here. Very creative :) I like them all.


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  • texcan
    09-04 07:05 PM
    come on guys....no one used a cashiers check.

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  • chanduv23
    10-17 07:47 AM
    There is a strong reason why we are urging people to join the State Chapters.

    Please join your State Chapters and start getting active.


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  • rc0878
    09-18 10:36 AM

    Just curious How Fast???

    I think it is better. Your EAD and AP will be processed faster because they are in CSC and your I-485 is in TSC, which is better than NSC.

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  • sidd
    07-08 01:54 AM

    Is there any fee applicable (or no fee) for RENEWAL of AP document, if I-485 has been filed with new fee structure ($ 1010) ?



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  • a_yaja
    09-13 10:47 AM

    What is the last day for filling H1B? (assuming cap of 65,000 is not reached)

    To be specific, can it be filled after 30th sept, 2009?


    I am assuming you are talking about a new H1 that is subject to the 2009 - 2010 cap of 65K. You can file it anytime as long as H1 numbers are available. You can even file for a H1 in Sept. 2010 (that is subject to the 2009 - 2010 cap) if a visa number is available from the 2009 - 2010 quota (not sure if your job has to start before Oct. 2010 to qualify for a H1 subject to the 2009 - 2010 cap though).

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  • bagheera
    06-10 05:28 PM
    Hello all, please share your thoughts/advice on my case.

    Worked for Employer A from May 2004 - April 2007
    I-140 approved for Employer A in January 2007 (EB2 Category)
    Changed job in April 2007 to Employer B (my current employer).
    I-485 filed in July 2007 using approved I-140 from Employer A, and a letter for future employment.
    Employment verification RFE received in June 2009

    My lawyer advises to use AC21 and provide employment verification letter from my current employer (Employer B) for this RFE response.

    Since my I485 filing was based on future employment and I did not work for Employer A for 180 days after filing I-485, this causes some complexity.

    AC21 invocation letters typically state that you're using AC21 for switching employment after 180 days. What argument should be used to invoke AC21 in my case?



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  • nixstor
    08-31 01:47 PM
    Just shot an email to the address provided.

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  • chicagoan
    05-07 07:40 PM
    I am planning on starting the renewal process when I come back in June. I'll still have about 4 months before my current H1B expires. Thanks for the suggestion though!


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  • soumya_bhatta
    08-18 11:04 AM
    I am on H1B in USA and am an Indian citizen. I have been divorced and about to get remarried. My would be has a natural born kid of from her previous marriage before her husband expired. I will marry her legally per Hindu custom and then complete the registration after that. I will adopt her kid also as per proper procedure.

    This is NOT like regular adoption. Usually when a couple can't have any kid of their own, they adopt someone. Or despite having a kid they adopt another kid etc. In these cases getting an H4 is very tough, or so I heard.

    Shall I be able to get an H4 for this biological kid of my would be spouse? Again, she is a biological kid of her.

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  • anatul
    04-23 01:12 AM
    I am currently working for Company-A, holding a H1B till 30/09/2012 (approx 1 yr/5 months time left), with the approved I140 and labor (Priority date EB2 Oct 2008).
    Now I am thinking to move to other company (Company-B) and the new company is ready to transfer my H1B and start green card processing after 3 months.I had following questions

    Q1>Can I move from my present employer to new employer?
    If yes will I get New H1B valid till 30/09/2012 or for three more years based on existing approved I140.
    Q2>My old employer should not revoke my I140 till my new Labor and I140 get approved with the new employer? (Most likely my old employer (Company �A) is going to revoke the I140 once I leave the company). So will that be any problem for me?

    Specifically problem in following scenarios,
    a. Porting my priority date for future GC application (Company-B) with revoked old 140(From Company-A).
    b. If i am going to get extension only till 30/09/2012 and
    if my new GC doesn�t clear new 140 stage by then ( which is highly possible looking at current market conditions and the timeframe when my labor is going to get applied (Easily 8-9 months from now)) Can i get 3 years extension at that stage using revoked 140 from company-A?

    I feel very jittery about whether to make this move or not. Looking my existing priority date I assume it is easily going to take another 2/3 years to get green card in existing job.

    Please reply this post as it will help me alot


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  • boreal
    05-14 12:27 AM
    TSC is not processing most EB3 I485. This is not supposed to be revealed publicly. It is wrong, so that's why I'm speaking out.

    If you are really an undercover USCIS officer, then you can blow the whistle on USCIS illegal (supposed to be) operations...you will have the whistle blower protection offered by the US Govt...

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  • ushkand
    07-20 12:19 PM
    Hi All,
    I received I485 receipts from my lawyer, they are missing my priority date which is in sept 2002. Not sure why they are missing..
    Did any one come across the same situation....

    what does it mean

    Would you be kind enough to post your filing date and USCIS RD?


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  • whiteStallion
    10-14 03:14 AM
    I agree, so disappointing !

    02-27 11:17 AM
    We have filled on July 19th Not yet received the FP notice.

    10-18 01:16 PM
    I have applied for my H1 extension in July 2010 and still waiting for the approval. My in-laws are visiting the US in dec and i am sponsoring their visit. Should my H1B be approved before they appear for the Visa interview or should the H1 receipt notice be enough? Please let me know.