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Friday, July 29, 2011

mission impossible girls

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  • mybond
    07-19 01:26 PM

    It will great help if some body can help regarding this.

    I had my H1B from A Company,Recently i have moved to B Company where i was asked to go to UK for Business purpose.I have yet to have stamping from B Company.I still have valid visa till end of next year from Company A name stamping in the passport.Will there be any issues for comming back from UK without having stamping.


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  • psaxena
    08-26 01:09 PM
    Thanks OP for posting these articles. Really great articles.

    Hey I would suggest and ask everyone to send the emails to the BW and SFMAG and thank them for writing such good articles. This will motivate them to write more articles like these and gets us in the picture and our issues which will help in CIR

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  • prioritydate
    07-15 11:18 PM
    So are these different from the finger prints that we take for EAD? For people who got their priority date current, do they ask for a separate finger prints again? Does anyone can shed some light on this?

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  • SGP
    05-06 05:19 AM
    No more than 30 days.


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  • Sakthisagar
    06-23 09:02 AM
    Murdoch and Speyer on what they would do if they were President Obama:- Murdoch: "I would establish my authority. And I would certainly seek actively to have more influence in Congress."
    - Murdoch: It's irresponsible of President Obama ("I shouldn't say corrupt") to seemingly stand aloof on various important issues while focusing only on a select few.
    - Murdoch: "I think there can be much better initiatives coming from the government." The health debate is "a fiction," will cost a fortune and will not improve the health industry.
    - Speyer: "If you run a business, you have to be a leader; demonstrate you are in charge. The President is a very smart man; the problem is he hasn't exercised leadership."
    - Speyer: "I don't believe we're running efficiently." Instead of raising taxes, he said he would reduce them and also cut government spending, which has "gotten out of control."

    Speyer and Murdoch on immigration and education:
    - Speyer: One of the biggest challenges we will face after the recession is human resources. Despite today's unemployment, we are going to need people.
    - Murdoch: "We have a crazy immigration system. It's an absolute scandal and it must be tackled by the administration quickly." We educate people and afterward we refuse to give brilliant minds a green card; we are losing talent.

    Read on
    Murdoch and Speyer Blast Obama � Billions - Forbes.com (http://blogs.forbes.com/billions/2010/06/22/murdoch-and-speyer-blast-obama/)

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  • JunRN
    07-18 03:39 AM
    Yes, the numbers are fixed. Therefore, those who filed in July and August, which were not given number from FY2007 will get from FY2008. And that would be too many for countries like India and China.


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  • mr_rajeevsaxena
    06-26 09:48 AM
    Hello Everyone,

    We are currently evaluating our options of starting a business on EAD, which should be coming within 3 months of filing of I485 in July. Does anyone know if I or my wife can start a business on EAD, are there any issues with it?


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  • jay75
    04-19 01:06 PM
    Does anyone hv gone thru this??

    My wife has similar situation, found some scars and further so many tests (sputums, broncoscopy) done and all were negative. And as a precautionary measure, she took 9 months INH medication.

    Meeting with Civil surgeon to fill out the new I693 form again with all the details as requested by USCIS via a RFE. Back in 2007 the civil surgeon just marked as abnormal xray and patient under complaint and care. So, USICS asked for the follow-up details, medication taken and a clearance from civil surgeon stating that there is no active TB and no further evaluation required.

    Will keep posted. Any others in similar situation?


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  • sledge_hammer
    04-10 01:41 PM
    I thought they ended labor substitution!!!


    Yes, you can file I140 Premium Processing for a substitute labor. I have done that. Got approved in 9 days.

    Good Luck.


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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-16 03:14 PM
    I read a few of the comments and quickly realized that its just trash
    I refuse to post a comment when the caliber of people commenting on there is so low that they will gain nothing from my comments and only possibly use it to spread more hatred.
    All they are doing is openly showing that they have no intelligence and are not worth the attention they get.

    Why bother to comment when they can't finish a proper sentence without abusing. I got better things to do.

    Whoever is loud gets heard.


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  • neeidd
    07-24 05:31 PM
    Thanks for sharing

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  • smuggymba
    10-13 12:44 PM
    OPT Can work even for training only right!!!
    everify company wthout pay! just incase if we dont get a job, just any employer offer letter is good right!!
    pl correct me if I think wrong.....

    SMUGGYMBA thanks for ur time

    I'm talking about post completion OPT - if you have ur EAD card, u can travel with a valid and current employment letter. When it's pre-completion OPT, u r on F1 anyways so u should get stamping...


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  • ibcraig0
    04-14 04:02 PM
    Hi, I have fallen in love with a lady from Nicaragua. She has been in the US for 5 years illegally living under a common law marriage to a man with legal US residence. I am a US citizen, born in the US, and I want to marry her and get her legal. There are two points you should know. She has a daughter with the man she was living with who was born in the US almost 3 years ago. She also has a son who is 13 still living in Nicaragua and I want to bring him here to live with us also. How can I get her legal and bring her son here to live with us? We are deeply in love and a separation while she goes back to try to make this happen is out of the question for two reasons, one her ex husband will not allow his daughter to leave the country, and two because I do not want to live without her for that long. Is there any way for me to accomplish this?

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  • payal_nag
    02-26 06:03 PM
    Thank you for the response. I correct myself, I shouldn't say Visa. I mean Approval Notice. With the approval notice in hand which is effective May 2007, can I switch employers before that and get a transfer of H1 for the 3 years based on that or will I have to wait till May? Thanks!


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  • dbevis
    December 8th, 2005, 02:48 PM
    I got to use one of Gary Parr's "Kata" brand covers recently. They are quite nice and more importantly, they get the job done. Just a bit tough to put on but that probably isn't an issue with some practice.

    The Kata consists of one part to cover the camera (and your hands), the other is a lens cover (these are interchangable - different sized for different-sized lenses).

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  • srd
    02-07 01:20 PM
    My wife and kids are finished there FP, I am still waiting for those to come.


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  • dvb
    11-09 11:54 AM
    Easiest option is to get a PIO card - very long validity, no need to get visa every time.

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  • msri311
    10-14 03:39 PM
    I applied for H1B as a Software Test Engineer and my LCA is applied with the same job description. Now i wish to work as Programmer Analyst in the same location specified in the LCA. will i need to amend my LCA or H1B or is it fine to continue with the same LCA. Are there any chances of my LCA getting denied and how long will it take to get the new LCA. Thanking you in advance.

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  • raju3g
    08-09 03:33 PM
    cjain, have u got receipt notice and poll results it shows u self filed,
    is that correct.

    06-27 11:37 AM
    Hi All,

    Joined California based consulting company in mid 2006, got project in Maryland(MD). Worked in Maryland but CA company ran payroll on CA address. I have LCA for Maryland. End of year,2006 filed tax filing with CA state.

    Project went till February,2008 they are running my pay stubs,W2 with CA address. I filed CA tax returns for year 2007 but stayed in Maryland.

    Now my questions is I�m present in Maryland(LCA) but pay stubs,W2 are showing CA address. In demographic information form(g-325) which I address I need to use. Should I go with physical address(Maryland) or W2 address(CA).

    I have no idea how to go about this, can you please advice how to present my case.


    In G325, you should specify the address where you lived. On the other hand, though your W2 says CA address, you should have filed taxes with Maryland and filed taxes with CA as non-resident.

    05-15 12:35 PM
    Hi IV friends-

    I am preparing to apply for my EAD througth E-file online. I am on H1-B currently and my I-485 was filled under my husband's EB2 application in July 2007. I did apply for EAD at the same time and got approved EAD for a year but never used and it it expired in December 2008. Now My H-1 B cap will reach in March 2011 and want to go on EAD ASAP so I can save the remaining time on H1-B ( advised by my company lawyer.) . My questions -

    Should I apply for reneal of EAD or new EAD?

    How difficulat is it to apply online? Do I need to send coyp of my H1-B etc as supporting deocument?

    Thanks in advance for all the help.



    do some reading around here and you will find answers to all your questions. you will be renewing your ead.